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Energy Ratings

In line with the current building regulations and Document L, all windows manufactured and installed need to achieve a window U-value of 1.6 or less. All VEKA windows manufactured by Glazerite, in either FS70 or Matrix 70 achieve the minimum 1.6 or less, even with full metal reinforcing if required.


Energy Ratings  - Assure Energy Ratings
Licence No. 3250 Energy Rating A FS70 Casement
Licence No. 3251 Energy Rating B FS70 Casement
Licence No. 3252 Energy Rating C FS70 Casement
Licence No. 3247 Energy Rating A Matrix 70 Casement
Licence No. 3248 Energy Rating B Matrix 70 Casement
Licence No. 3249 Energy Rating C Matrix 70 Casement
Licence No 3256 Energy Rating A Matrix Vertical Slider

Licence No 3257 Energy Rating B Matrix Vertical Slider

Licence No 3258 Energy Rating C Matrix Vertical Slider

Licence No 3259 Energy Rating A Matrix Fully Reversible

Licence No 3260 Energy Rating B Matrix Fully Reversible

Licence No 3261 Energy Rating C Matrix Fully Reversible


There are a number of ways in which you can comply with the current regulations.


Purchase fully glazed

You can purchase glazed windows from Glazerite, we will then supply you with Glazerite certification and marketing literature for WER (Window Energy Rating) and DSER (DoorSet Energy Rating) for A++, A+, A, B or C  . 


Join the Assure Ratings Register

By joining the Assure Ratings Register you will be able to produce your own WER & DSER A++, to  C personalised certificates.    You will receive your own calculator by choosing this route route you can also use your own supplier of sealed units (if required)


Comply to the minimum U-values

You can also show compliance to minimum U-values by using sealed units consisting of soft-coal Low E glass, warm-edge spacer (minimum 16mm) and 90% Argon gas. Assure will then allow you to record a U-value at the time of registering the installation.

Alternatively, you can get further help and advice direct from Assure:



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Energy Ratings