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We take great care to ensure the products and services we provide have minimal effect on our environment.  We work with environmentally-aware suppliers, throughout the supply chain to you.

We understand the importance of minimising the environmental impact that the production of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories has on the environment. We are striving to reduce our carbon footprint and working towards ISO 14001. Our suppliers are extremely environmentally aware and we are proud to work alongside VEKA, the first company to establish a specialist, closed-loop uPVC recycling plant. It was also VEKA, in partnership with an Independent Network member, that created the UK's first 'A'-rated window. If you would like more information about VEKA's environmental policy, click here.

Recycling to Infinity - the green choice for you

Imagine choosing a uPVC window that actively helps the environment, not only by using less of the world's resources and fossil fuels but also by re-using materials that might otherwise have been dumped into landfill. Now you can with the Infinity window system, using a revolutionary frame profile made with nearly 80% recycled and purified uPVC - but with 100% the same performance and great looks as our other frames. Infinity is the first choice for homeowners everywhere who have learned that you need not compromise on standards to do your bit for your future generations.


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