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Residence Collection

Residence 7

We manufacture Residence 7 products which outperform other systems due to its sophisticated 7 chamber design and intelligent features. 

Range of colours: R7 is designed to suit many applications and styles with a range of 14 colours and shades to suit different properties.

Interior and Exterior Flush Sash: Flush Sash both on the inside and out means that the R7 can be used for both modern build homes and traditional buildings. Five different glazing beads are available to personalise choices.

Energy efficient: Able to achieve A Rating of A+ and a U-Value of 0.8W. All windows can be fully recycled and include a recycled material section within them.

Residence 9

Glazerite fabricates both the R9 windows system which is designed to authentically replicate 19th-century timber designs whilst offering the benefits of modern uPVC windows.

Thermally efficient: The large 9 chambered frame offers excellent thermal performance, accommodating 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing.

Range of colours: Manufactured in our factory with a choice of 13 classic heritage colours.

Choices for customers: The range of classic foil options coupled with heritage-style handles, locks and hardware ensure your customers have all the choice needed to design traditional windows for their home.



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Residence Collection