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Casement Windows

A versatile and efficient window with a wide range of styles and finishes, offering complete flexibility for every installation.  uPVC casement windows are one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners in the UK.

Our casement windows can be manufactured in either the VEKA or Halo system.  Choose from Matrix 70 chamfered, Matrix Fully Sculptured, System 10 or Rustique to offer a window that will integrate with your project perfectly.  

Manufactured with a fusion-weld and feature-groove all unfoiled joints, and knife-finish all foiled joint to the highest quality standards for each and every installation. 

With a combination of handle and frame styles and finishes Glazerite can offer one of the widest ranges available from any UK trade fabricator.  The casement window is only as good as the hardware and fittings supplied with it, which is why we work with only leading suppliers, MACO shootbolts and Fab and Fix furniture to guarantee a long lasting product that perform  as well as they look.  

Secured by Design (SBD) can be easily achieved on our casement windows, with a few minor upgrades to the standard specification.

For full colour options, glazing options, technical specifications and brochure downloads, see below.


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Casement Windows Casement Windows Casement Windows Casement Windows
Colour Options
Glass Patterns

A choice of 29 colour options to choose from on your windows.

Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey Smooth Anthracite Grey Smooth
Balmoral Balmoral
Basalt Grey Basalt Grey
Beck Brown Beck Brown
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Cream Cream
Dark Green Dark Green
Dark Red Dark Red
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Pebble Grey Pebble Grey
Rosewood Rosewood
Silver Grey Silver Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Steel Blue Steel Blue
White White

Our casement windows are available with a selection of glazing options.

Arctic Privacy Level 5 Arctic Privacy Level 5
Autumn Privacy Level 3 Autumn Privacy Level 3
Autumn 2 Autumn 2
Brocade Brocade
Canterbury Canterbury
Chantilly Privacy Level 2 Chantilly Privacy Level 2
Contora Privacy Level 4 Contora Privacy Level 4
Coppice Coppice
Cotswold Privacy Level 5 Cotswold Privacy Level 5
Digital Privacy Level 3 Digital Privacy Level 3
Everglade Privacy Level 5 Everglade Privacy Level 5
Flemish Privacy Level 1 Flemish Privacy Level 1
Florielle Privacy Level 4 Florielle Privacy Level 4
Laurel Laurel
Mayflower Privacy Level 4 Mayflower Privacy Level 4
Minster Privacy Level 2 Minster Privacy Level 2
Oak Privacy Level 4 Oak Privacy Level 4
Pelerine Privacy Level 4 Pelerine Privacy Level 4
Stippolyte Privacy Level 4 Stippolyte Privacy Level 4
Stippolyte Privacy Level 4 Stippolyte Privacy Level 4
Sycamore Privacy Level 2 Sycamore Privacy Level 2
Taffeta Privacy Level 3 Taffeta Privacy Level 3
Taffeta 2 Taffeta 2
Texture Brocade Texture Brocade
Texture Canterbury Texture Canterbury
Texture Coppice Texture Coppice
Texture Laurel Texture Laurel
Warwick Privacy Level 1 Warwick Privacy Level 1
Warwick 2 Warwick 2
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