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Residence 7 Heritage Windows

The R7 is a 7 chamber window system designed to replicate the 19th century yet still offers the benefits of modern uPVC windows for your home.

With a beautiful flush finish inside and out, the R7's traditional appearance makes it the ideal choice for your home no matter what the property type. As with all products within the Residence Collection, you can be confident you are getting a quality product which will last for years to come.

The flush interior and exterior of the R7 give it a chic, modern appearance and versatility meaning it can look great in any home, whether you live in a contemporary new build or traditional home.

With 7 chambers and a depth of just 75mm, the R7 system offers superior thermal, acoustic and security performance. Complete with decorative bead options, you can choose a design that perfectly suits your home. Something special about this system is that the bead is always on the inside, contributing to a higher security performance.

We know how important it is for windows and doors in your home to be energy efficient, and with the R7 there's no need to worry. Certified as WER A+ R7 can achieve a U value of 0.8.

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Residence 7 Heritage Windows Residence 7 Heritage Windows Residence 7 Heritage Windows
Colour Options

A choice of 14 colour options to choose from on your windows.

Grained White Grained White
Clotted Cream Clotted Cream
Cotswold Green Cotswold Green
Painswick Painswick
English Oak English Oak
Luxury - Irish Oak Luxury - Irish Oak
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Rosewood Rosewood
Eclectic Grey Eclectic Grey
No 10 Black No 10 Black
Corse lawn Corse lawn
Vintage Cream Vintage Cream
Chalk White Chalk White
No 38 Grey No 38 Grey
R7 Monkey Tail Window Stay R7 Monkey Tail Window Stay
R7 Monkey Tail Handle R7 Monkey Tail Handle
R7 Tear Drop Handles R7 Tear Drop Handles
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