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Become a Kubu Pro installer

Why Become a Kubu pro installer

Your doors are already supplied ready to be Kubu doors, by signing up to become a Kubu pro installer you will receive marketing support materials and information to promote this to your customers.  Giving you something to differentiate yourself from the competition, rather than driving cost down.  This may be just what's needed to close a sale!

There is no hassle for you either, the homeowner orders the starter kit for £99.99 from the Kubu website, they deal with all support for the doors.  Just bear in mind with your sales messaging Kubu will not actually lock the door for the homeowner, it will give them notifications of the status of the door.  Giving the flexiblity and peace of mind that comes with traditional locking. 


The signup process

  1. Sign up to become a Kubu Pro Installer on the Kubu website
  2. Your doors from Glazerite are Kubu equipped doors, you just have to take advantage of the benefit in your sales process
  3. Kubu will support you with marketing and showroom setup to start selling the benefits of Kubu doors to your customers
  4. Homeowners purchase Kubu kits directly from the Kubu website and they will be delivered directly to their doors.

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Become a Kubu Pro installer