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Planitherm Installer Network

PLANITHERM is Europe’s best selling range of high performance low-emissivity glass (low-E), incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology. In the UK, PLANITHERM TOTAL+ is rapidly becoming recognised as the low-E glass of choice when it comes to achieving the best possible Window Energy Ratings. With products specifically designed to keep interiors more comfortable in the winter months and improve energy efficiency. 

Energy savings as high as 22% can be achieved when replacing single glazed windows with A rated double glazed units containing PLANITHERM glass.

Planitherm Installer Network Partnership

This scheme is open to Glazerite customers, purchasing Glazed products and offers you a number of enhanced benefits which can be used with your customers during the sales process and to offer added reassurance of the energy efficiency of the products they will be buying from you.  Planitherm promote the brand and awareness of energy efficiency heavily to homewoners, by taking part in the scheme you can take advantage of the benefits available:


Benefits include:

A free installer profile on the planitherm website

When consumers search for a PLANITHERM window installer in your area they will see your profile and company contact details. You can also add your logo, company information, links to your website to your profile.

Marketing Support

When you become a member of the Planitherm installer network you will have access to a range of promotional items for your showroom, trade counter of office. These include window stickers, posters and more! You will also receive support from the Planitherm Marketing team and can order more marketing materials whenever they are needed with ease.

Support with sales

Planitherm provides training videos that explain the range of Planitherm glazing packages and their benefits, meaning you can discuss customer needs with confidence.

Factory visits

For our members we can offer a unique insight into how we make the glass that you are selling, this provides you with a wider depth of knowledge you can share when meeting customers about the benefits of using this product.

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Planitherm Installer Network