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Marketing materials

How you present your business, whether it's online, through social media channels or in printed brochures and flyers is a big part of whether customers decide to work with you.

We're here to help you with that and ensure that you can apply a professional and clear face to your customers through the appropriate channels.  This includes:


We can help you with any marketing plans you have or to take it right back to the start and develop your marketing plan with you.  This doesn't have to be costly, we will do this with a realistic view of your marketing budget.


We have an inhouse design team, who can create any artwork for your business whether that's advertisements or designing you a logo.  Having the team inhouse means we can respond to projects quickly and efficiently, incorporating any necessary amendments. Some of the items we're creating inhouse as an indication.


We have a suite of retail brochures which we've designed with the homeowner in mind.  By stripping out all the really technical information, these brochures focus on the key benefits customers would expect from our products.  These are not branded with Glazerite at all, instead they have space to add your company details on a label for the customer to follow up with you direct.  Allternatively if you prefer we can adapt these to brand them with your logo and company details, all you'll pay for is the small volume print cost.

Dropcards, flyers and leaflets

If part of your campaign is about generating some interest through dropcards or leaflets in mailings, we can help you to create these materials too.

Banners and large scale graphics

If you're working on a significant project you'd like to promote we can create a large PVC banner to be placed on the outside to inspire interest.

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Marketing materials