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Marketing Support

Marketing for small businesses can be costly and time-consuming, especially to get the business in a level playing field with the big nationals that have big marketing budgets.  We work with our installers to build them a brand presence that is right for their business and that their customers will relate to.

First impressions count, the marketing tools we can provide you will help you to nail that great first impression and then continue to build confidence and expectations with your customers throughout the sales process.  Each and every installer is different and our marketing offered is tailored to meet those individual needs, we work with you to build a marketing package that will work for your business.  

These areas general focus on:

Making the initial cut...

A website

Our first port of call nowadays is a google search for whatever we are looking for, so if you don't have a website you are missing out. 

If you have a website already we can review your existing site and help you to fill any content gaps and make recommendations for improvements.  We can also work with you to optimise the SEO to ensure you are ranking on the search engines (and will be found my customers).  If you don't have a website we can build you a branded website that will give customers the content they are looking for at their fingertips, when they are making their initial search.

Social channels

Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, but it does take some time and investment to get it working for you in the right way, but can pay dividends. 

We can help fuel your content across your social channels with images, video and articles that will help with reinforcing your brand and inspiring your customers to talk to you about their next project.  If you are not set up on any social channels yet, we can help you get started with the appropriate channels.

Sales PresenterSales pitch

With social distancing in mind it's more important than ever to still be able to engage with your customers at the right points and most importantly this is ensuring they understand the true benefit of working with you.

Our presenter tool can help you do just that, it's a branded presentation tool which lets you guide your customers through your products and offering whilst on an online conference call through Zoom, messenger or facetime.

Print promotional materials

With all the focus on digital you may find that heading back to traditional routes such as dropcards through doors is what will get you noticed as inboxes are full with messages.

We can help you with direct mail to local advertisements.  Utilise our in-house design team to design your brochures, drop cards or directory ad.  We'll even help you to review the various mediums in your local area and which may be most effective.

Solidifying a great impression


There is no getting away from the fact that homeowners still love a print brochure, they trust them more.

We have a suite of retail brochures that have been designed with your customers in mind, selling all the key points they will be interested in.  These are neutral branded and available for you to use as your own.  You can order print copies leave with customers or access our digital versions to send with emails and quotations.  View digital brochures

Video and images

Video is great for SEO on your website and improving your search rankings and drives real engagement on social channels.

We have some great content for you to use and reinforce the benefits of working with you.  continue to use these across your website and social channels as a constant reminder of your offering.

A smooth and professional operation

Online OrderingOnline ordering

Our online ordering system offers you many benefits, one of which being branded quotation and paperwork.

By using our system you'll be able to quickly and efficiently give your customers quotations for their work.  Your professional business is further supported with branded paperwork through the system.

Doing what you do best

The best kind of marketing you can have is recommendation and word of mouth, encourage your customers to share news of your business.

This is the easy bit, it's just doing what you do best and that is supplying great products, with a good guarantee and installing them with a professional finish and great after sales.


The marketing support we offer above is all free of charge and part of working with the leading trade fabricator.  To discuss your marketing needs in more detail, please feel free to Email .

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