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Technical Advice

We don't just supply windows, doors and conservatories - we also offer industry-leading technical support services

In an industry where legislation, standards and regulations are constantly under review it’s important to get the right information.  Our sales team are always on hand to respond to any relevant queries and ensuring you give the appropriate advice as and when needed.

More often than not our customers are faced with challenging installations and this requires our team of experts to deliver an effective solution.  We are with our partners every step of the way from specification to installation. 

Our team are onhand to deal with any technical queries relating to our products or specification.  Most importantly our team are always at the forefront of industry information and news including the many changes and revisions to standards and legislation.  You can be confident when talking to Glazerite about your next job, that we know what we’re talking about.

VEKA also provide extensive technical support and will offer advice on the more complex jobs, for example by providing specific wind loading calculations and general advice on the best uPVC product for a specific application.

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Technical Advice