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Vertical Sliding Windows

More and more homeowners and developers are choosing the Vertical Sliding Sash as the ideal uPVC window in classical or heritage settings. Its sliding sash styling closely replicates the look of the traditional sash window but incorporates all the energy efficiency and benefits from a uPVC frame.

The VEKA vertical sliding sash can help you recreate the look and feel of the original timber sash with ease.  Whether you’re looking to recreate a traditional look within your home or simply updating a period feature, these are an ideal window choice for you. 

The vertical sliding window is the fastest-growing alternative choice of uPVC window style, giving you all the benefits of highly advanced materials and mechanisms combined with a timeless window style, installed by our team of VEKA approved installers.

The sliding sash styling closely replicates the look of the Georgian & Regency windows with a modern and energy-efficient uPVC frame and mechanisms while offering sash horns and deeper bottom rails as options. 

Security is a major consideration in the selection of any new windows and doors for your home.  Our entire range of vertical sliding sash windows is designed with security in mind and can be supplied to the coveted Secured by Design (SBD) standard accreditation to give you piece of mind.

Our Vertical sliding windows are available in a fantastic range of laminated profiles to offer individual solutions to suit all tastes.  Foils can be applied to one side or two and different colours can even be specified for the inside and out.

With enhanced energy efficiency our Vertical sliding windows achieve an A+ Window Energy Rating (WER).

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Vertical Sliding Windows Vertical Sliding Windows Vertical Sliding Windows
Colour Options
Glass Patterns
Agate Grey Agate Grey
Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey Smooth Anthracite Grey Smooth
Balmoral Balmoral
Basalt Grey Basalt Grey
Beck Brown Beck Brown
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Cream Cream
Dark Green Dark Green
Dark Red Dark Red
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Light Ivory Light Ivory
Light Oak Light Oak
Monument Oak Monument Oak
Mountain Pine Mountain Pine
Natural Oak Natural Oak
Pebble Grey Pebble Grey
Regency A Regency A
Rosewood Rosewood
Siena PN Siena PN
Silver Grey Silver Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Steel Blue Steel Blue
Walnut V Walnut V
White White
Windsor Windsor
Arctic Privacy Level 5 Arctic Privacy Level 5
Autumn Privacy Level 3 Autumn Privacy Level 3
Autumn 2 Autumn 2
Brocade Brocade
Canterbury Canterbury
Chantilly Privacy Level 2 Chantilly Privacy Level 2
Contora Privacy Level 4 Contora Privacy Level 4
Coppice Coppice
Cotswold Privacy Level 5 Cotswold Privacy Level 5
Digital Privacy Level 3 Digital Privacy Level 3
Everglade Privacy Level 5 Everglade Privacy Level 5
Flemish Privacy Level 1 Flemish Privacy Level 1
Florielle Privacy Level 4 Florielle Privacy Level 4
Laurel Laurel
Mayflower Privacy Level 4 Mayflower Privacy Level 4
Minster Privacy Level 2 Minster Privacy Level 2
Oak Privacy Level 4 Oak Privacy Level 4
Pelerine Privacy Level 4 Pelerine Privacy Level 4
Stippolyte Privacy Level 4 Stippolyte Privacy Level 4
Sycamore Privacy Level 2 Sycamore Privacy Level 2
Taffeta Privacy Level 3 Taffeta Privacy Level 3
Taffeta 2 Taffeta 2
Texture Brocade Texture Brocade
Texture Canterbury Texture Canterbury
Texture Coppice Texture Coppice
Texture Laurel Texture Laurel
Warwick Privacy Level 1 Warwick Privacy Level 1
Warwick 2 Warwick 2
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