Fabrication frustration
Fabrication frustration
Fabrication frustration
Fabrication frustration
Fabrication frustration
Fabrication frustration

Fabrication frustration

Fabricating in-house takes ongoing investment in a range of areas, from people to machinery, materials to quality.

Key Details

Heavy investment costs

Maintaining the machinery, equipment, and tooling needed to run a smooth operation and guarantee a high quality product requires regular and often a significant invesment.

Stock management

Given homeowner trends change at such a pace, stock management for fabrication can be a real headache. The number of colour options and window styles now available means you're likely to have high stock levels. not to mention the amount of hardware and smart tech now available for customers to choose from.

We make a good window

We know you fabricate because you know you can make a good frame, and you want to ensure your customers receive the best possible products. When you weigh up the overheads, and the time and resource it takes to make a high quality frame in-house, is it economical to continue? If you're on the fence, why not visit a few fabricators to see if out-sourcing could work for you.

Urgent remakes/jobs

Out-sourcing your fabrication doesn't mean long lead times; most fabricators can turn around a standard frame in just five days.

Long term viability

All business have this concern, but not many have a major element that they can take control in order to futureproof their business. Once you've weighed up the pros and cons, you may well find that continuing to fabricate in-house doesn't make financial sense in the short or longer term.

What happens to staff

It's natural to be concerned about what will happen to your employees if you decide to stop fabricating in-house and move to an installer-only business model. In many instances, businesses we've worked with have managed to retrain staff and redeploy them to other areas of the business. We can offer HR support and guide you through the transition.

Company reputation

You've always fabricated your own products, and you worry about what your customers and the industry will think about your decision to move to installer-only. We're with you every step of the way to make the move as seamless as possible. Our marketing team are also on hand to help you put in place the right messaging and support to reassure your customer base and help you tap into even more new business.

At Glazerite, we live and breathe fabrication. We're specialists in helping businesses like yours overcome these issues and allow you to focus your energies on installations. If you're ready to talk about what's best for the future of your business or just need a general sounding board, we're here to help.

Get in touch with our team to start discussing how you can make the switch to installer-only.