Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain
Let us take the strain

Let us take the strain

So you've weighed up the options and know transitioning from a fabricator-installer model to installer only could be an option for you. Now, you just need to find the right fabricator partner to fit your business. 

Key Details


We have a significant investment programme in place that means all machinery and plant are replaced as and when needed for the requirements/capacity of our business.  Working with Glazerite removes this high cost from your business.

Viable business

Fabricating windows and doors is a complex and often costly operation, even more so in the current climate. Here are the main costs associated with running a fabrication business.


  • High energy prices - these are affecting many businesses, particularly those with fixed tariffs up for renewal
  • Rising labour costs - to keep up with inflation, many businesses have had to review pay for staff this year
  • Material costs - rising prices make a real impact on smaller businesses, who generally have less buying power and buy smaller quantities at a higher rate
  • Labour limitations - attracting new staff and keeping hold of employees has become more challenging
  • Manufacturing machinery costs - keeping up with upgrades is time-consuming, while replacements can run into hundreds of thousands of pounds.
Stock Management

Juggling the sheer amount of stock required to meet customer demand can be overwhelming. We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of uPVC windows and doors in the industry, from the ever-popular casement to three flush sash options for every budget. We also offer traditional and contemporary style composite doors as well as bi-folds, French and patio doors.

Managing staff

Our HR team will support your transition with information on retraining staff or, as the last resort, robust guidance on redundancies. 

Product Quality

Our products are manufactured to stringent standards with full QC approvals across the group.  Products can also be manufactured to Secured by Design.


Urgent/short lead time

Standard products can be manufactured for remakes/urgent jobs within 5 days.

Perception of your business

We work with leading industry brands such as VEKA and The Residence Collection, with hardware and smart technologies from the likes of Fab&Fix, Ultion and Kubu.


We don't compromise with lower cost alternatives and only work with the best suppliers. Our portfolio comes with a 10-year guarantee so you can give your customers peace of mind their installation will last for years to come.

There are a number of other benefits to stopping fabrication and focusing instead of installation. This includes:

  • Utilising your manufacturing space as a customer showroom
  • Selling your equipment will give your business a cash injection
  • Less H&S risks and less pressure to train employees in the operations side
  • Concentrating on install only enables you to tap into a much more profitable side of the business, with room for growth
  • Work with our Marketing team to reposition your brand with its new focus
  • Close more sales with access to our enhanced benefits, marketing materials and broad and specialist product range that you may not have had the capability to manufacture yourself

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you make the move from fabricator-installer model to an installer fit for the future.