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Composite Doors

A fantastic addition to the entrance of any home, with a wide selection of styles, glazing options and hardware to suit every property type and customer taste.

Manufactured from the VEKA or Halo profile, we can provide one of the most comprehensive and highly regarded composite door ranges available today, including Solidor composite doors for added durability.  With a huge choice of styles, colours and glass designs on offer, we also supply a range of furniture, including the option to upgrade to the stylish and suited Sweet hardware.

The Maco lock offers lever / lever or lever pad operation, which can also be used with a split spindle lever / lever to give the same operation as a lever pad but has greater leverage. Security is standard on our composite doors as the superior Ultion Cylinder is provided with each door to give your customers peace of mind.  The optional secondary deadlock gives further reassurance of security by the simple action of a thumb turn throw a deadlock. Or there is an optional AV2 lock available to be included with the door, with a 2DC hinge. 

Key benefits:

  • Tough and durable, highly scratch resistant finish
  • Reinforced, thermally-efficient core
  • Hard wearing construction using modern weatherproofing technology
  • Precision-engineered hinges and hardware
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Secure locking with high security option to Secured by Design standards
  • Choice of door and glazing designs
  • Wide range of colours and door and frame colour combination options



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Composite Doors Composite Doors Composite Doors Composite Doors
Door Styles
Colour Options
Glass Patterns
Fab&Fix Hardware
Sweet Hardware
Marquise Marquise
Marquise 2-2 Marquise 2-2
Marquise 2-3 Marquise 2-3
Craftsman 0 Craftsman 0
Craftsman 1 Craftsman 1
Crown 1 Crown 1
Crown 3 Crown 3
Crown 5 Crown 5
Crown 7 Crown 7
Radiant 0 Radiant 0
Radiant 2 Radiant 2
Radiant 4 Radiant 4
Trillion Trillion
Trillion Grid Trillion Grid
Princess Princess
Princess Grid Princess Grid
Gleneagles Gleneagles
Solitaire 0 Solitaire 0
Solitaire 1-2 Solitaire 1-2
Solitaire DT3 Solitaire DT3
Solitaire 6 Solitaire 6
Solitaire 1 Solitaire 1
Solitaire 3 Solitaire 3
Solitaire 5 Solitaire 5
Solitaire 7 Solitaire 7
Solitaire T3 Solitaire T3
Solitaire 4 Solitaire 4
Solitaire 9 Solitaire 9
Solitaire 2 Solitaire 2
Monza ll Solid Monza ll Solid
Monza ll Monza ll
Monza ll Oakmont Monza ll Oakmont
Vilamoura Vilamoura
Augusta Augusta
Augusta Long Augusta Long
Urban Seminole Urban Seminole
Urban Oakmont Urban Oakmont
Urban Vilamoura Urban Vilamoura
Urban Augusta Urban Augusta
Urban Augusta Long Urban Augusta Long
Inox Barcelona Inox Barcelona
Inox Nice Inox Nice
Inox Lyon Inox Lyon
Inox Lyon Inox Lyon
Inox Monaco Inox Monaco
Inox Paris Inox Paris
Inox Biarritz Inox Biarritz
Standard - White Standard - White
Standard - Red Standard - Red
Standard - Green Standard - Green
Standard - Blue Standard - Blue
Standard - Black Standard - Black
Standard - Anthracite Grey Standard - Anthracite Grey
Standard - Golden Oak Standard - Golden Oak
Standard - Rosewood Standard - Rosewood
Premium - Cream White Premium - Cream White
Premium - Clotted Cream Premium - Clotted Cream
Premium - Sandstone Premium - Sandstone
Premium - Diablo Premium - Diablo
Premium - Bolero Premium - Bolero
Premium - Marsala Premium - Marsala
Premium - Mulberry Premium - Mulberry
Premium - Cotswold Premium - Cotswold
Premium - Wedgewood Premium - Wedgewood
Premium - Nimbus Premium - Nimbus
Premium - Victory Blue Premium - Victory Blue
Premium - Bahia Blue Premium - Bahia Blue
Premium - Olive Grove Premium - Olive Grove
Premium - Paradise Green Premium - Paradise Green
Premium - Sage Premium - Sage
Premium - Agate Grey Premium - Agate Grey
Premium - Silver Grey Premium - Silver Grey
Premium - Putty Premium - Putty
Premium - Mushroom Premium - Mushroom
Premium - Clay Premium - Clay
Premium - Vanilla Premium - Vanilla
Premium - Citrine Premium - Citrine
Premium - Very Berry Premium - Very Berry
Premium - Twilight Premium - Twilight
Premium - French Blue Premium - French Blue
Premium - California Premium - California
Premium - Azure Premium - Azure
Premium - Caribbean Blue Premium - Caribbean Blue
Premium - Stormy Seas Premium - Stormy Seas
Premium - Moonshine Premium - Moonshine
Premium - Chartwell Green Premium - Chartwell Green
Premium - Emerald Premium - Emerald
Premium - Shadow Premium - Shadow
Premium - Military Grey Premium - Military Grey
Premium - Slate Premium - Slate
Premium - Black Ash/Beck Brown Premium - Black Ash/Beck Brown
Premium - Irish Oak Premium - Irish Oak
Premium - Florida Premium - Florida
Cathedral/Minster Cathedral/Minster
Pinpoint/Stippolyte Pinpoint/Stippolyte
Rain/Cotswold Rain/Cotswold
Satin Satin
Bullseye Bullseye
Cielo Cielo
Classic Classic
Colour Traditional Colour Traditional
Colour Rose Colour Rose
Diamonds Diamonds
Diamond Cut Diamond Cut
Dorchester Dorchester
Eiger Eiger
Elegance Elegance
Etch Squares Etch Squares
Flair Flair
French French
Fuego Fuego
GridLite Etch GridLite Etch
Havana Havana
Kensington Kensington
Lindeza Lindeza
Linear Linear
Lucero Lucero
Matrix Matrix
Millenium Millenium
Modena Modena
Montreal Montreal
Murano Murano
Prairie Prairie
Quartz Quartz
Reflections Reflections
Roma Roma
Serenity Serenity
Simplicity Simplicity
Symphony Symphony
Tahoe Tahoe
Tacoma Tacoma
Yukon Yukon
Zinc Star Zinc Star
Lever Handles Lever Handles
Pad Handles Pad Handles
Letterplates Letterplates
Urn Knockers Urn Knockers
Slimline Urn Knockers Slimline Urn Knockers
Horsetail Knockers Horsetail Knockers
Contemporary Knockers Contemporary Knockers
Cylinder Pulls Cylinder Pulls
Contemporary Pull Handles Contemporary Pull Handles
Numerals Numerals
Cylinder Pull Cylinder Pull
Escutcheons Escutcheons
Lever Handles Lever Handles
Knocker Knocker
Letterplates Letterplates
Numerals Numerals
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