Residential Doors
Residential Doors
Residential Doors
Residential Doors
Residential Doors
Residential Doors
Residential Doors
Residential Doors

Residential Doors

A popular choice for many properties across the UK. Modern, stylish and attractive, these residential doors are virtually maintenance free and come with a range of advanced security features.

Key Details

Profile Systems

Residential doors are available in Hurst panels, which are manufactured with a high density core, and as Residence 7 and Residence 9 options.

Design options

Hurst residential doors are available in 16 colours in a range of heritage and contemporary styles and with varied glazing options.


Residential doors fitted with Ultion Diamond secure cylinder for unrivalled security. All doors meet PAS24. On specification, doors can be manufactured to meet Secured by Design standards.

Hardware and fittings

Supplied with premium Sweet hardware as standard, with the option to choose Fab&Fix.

Energy efficiency

Protected by Heat Reflective technology, residential doors have a heat reflective skin. Coupled with a high density core, they provide excellent insulation.

The perfect single door solution for your customers, this budget-friendly uPVC option is available in a range of colours and glazing styles.

Sweet Hardware
Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
Anthracite Grey Smooth Anthracite Grey Smooth
Balmoral Balmoral
Basalt Grey Basalt Grey
Beck Brown Beck Brown
Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
Cream Cream
Dark Green Dark Green
Dark Red Dark Red
Golden Oak Golden Oak
Irish Oak Irish Oak
Pebble Grey Pebble Grey
Rosewood Rosewood
Silver Grey Silver Grey
Slate Grey Slate Grey
Steel Blue Steel Blue
White White
Arctic Arctic
Autumn Autumn
Brocade Brocade
Canterbury Canterbury
Chantilly Chantilly
Contora Contora
Coppice Coppice
Cotswold Cotswold
Digital Digital
Everglade Everglade
Flemish Flemish
Florielle Florielle
Laurel Laurel
Mayflower Mayflower
Minster Minster
Oak Oak
Pelerine Pelerine
Stippolyte Stippolyte
Sycamore Sycamore
Taffeta Taffeta
Premium Canterbury Texture Premium Canterbury Texture
Texture Coppice Texture Coppice
Texture Laurel Texture Laurel
Warwick Warwick
Sweet Cylinder Pull Sweet Cylinder Pull
Sweet Escutcheon Sweet Escutcheon
Sweet Lever Handle Sweet Lever Handle
Sweet Knocker Sweet Knocker
Sweet Letterplate Sweet Letterplate
Sweet Numerals Sweet Numerals