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Solidor Composite Doors

A Solidor door has added thickness due to its solid timber core, which helps make it the most durable composite door on the market today.

Solidor is the only hardwood core composite door on the market. With its solid door construction and unique reinforced door frame coupled with Secured by Design locking systems, your customer's property will be as safe as can be. 

We offer a fine selection of beautiful accessories to accompany your Solidor, including a vast array of elegantly styled hinges, letter plates and door knockers all by Fab & Fix. We are also now offering the sleek and innovative Sweet fully suited range of hardware with our Solidors.  Whatever your customers needs, they are sure to find an accessory to match their home, whether its a modern or traditional style.

This range of composite doors are fully manufactured in the UK to minimise our carbon footprint and all of the timbers are harvested from forests which are managed to meet the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

Fitted as standard with the Ultion 5 star Cylinder.


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Solidor Composite Doors Solidor Composite Doors Solidor Composite Doors
Door Styles
Italia Collection
Colour Options
Glass Patterns
Sweet Hardware
Alnwick Alnwick
Amalfi Amalfi
Ancona Ancona
Ancona Solid Ancona Solid
Beeston Beeston
Berkeley Berkeley
Biella Biella
Bologna Bologna
Brescia Brescia
Conway Conway
Edinburgh Edinburgh
Flint 2 Flint 2
Flint 3 Flint 3
Flint 4 Flint 4
Flint 5 Flint 5
Flint Beeston Flint Beeston
Flint Square Flint Square
Garda Garda
Genoa Genoa
Harlech Harlech
London London
Ludlow Ludlow
Messina Messina
Milano Milano
Modena Modena
Monza Monza
Naples Naples
Nottingham Nottingham
Palermo Palermo
Parma Parma
Pisa Pisa
Rimini Rimini
Roma Roma
Siena Siena
Sorrento Sorrento
Stafford Stafford
Tenby Tenby
Thornbury Thornbury
Traditional Flint Traditional Flint
Turin Turin
Venice Venice
Verona Verona
Windsor Windsor
Trieste Trieste
Stirling Stirling
Amalfi- Italia Amalfi- Italia
Anacona- Italia Anacona- Italia
Anacona Solid- Italia Anacona Solid- Italia
Biella- Italia Biella- Italia
Brescia-Italia Brescia-Italia
Garda- Italia Garda- Italia
Genoa- Italia Genoa- Italia
Messina- Italia Messina- Italia
Milano- Italia Milano- Italia
Modena- Italia Modena- Italia
Monza- Italia Monza- Italia
Naples- Italia Naples- Italia
Parma- Italia Parma- Italia
Pisa- Italia Pisa- Italia
Rimini- Italia Rimini- Italia
Roma- Italia Roma- Italia
Siena- Italia Siena- Italia
Sorrento- Italia Sorrento- Italia
Turin- Italia Turin- Italia
Venice- Italia Venice- Italia
Verona- Italia Verona- Italia
Windsor- Italia Windsor- Italia
Standard - White Standard - White
Standard - Black Standard - Black
Standard - Green Standard - Green
Standard - Blue Standard - Blue
Standard - Ruby Red Standard - Ruby Red
Luxury - Painswick Luxury - Painswick
Luxury - Twilight Grey Luxury - Twilight Grey
Luxury - French Grey Luxury - French Grey
Luxury - Midnight Grey Luxury - Midnight Grey
Luxury - Duck Egg Blue Luxury - Duck Egg Blue
Luxury - Cobalt Blue Luxury - Cobalt Blue
Luxury - Lavender Luxury - Lavender
Luxury - Rich Aubergine Luxury - Rich Aubergine
Luxury - Chartwell Green Luxury - Chartwell Green
Luxury - Peacock Blue Luxury - Peacock Blue
Luxury - Walnut Luxury - Walnut
Luxury - Irish Oak Luxury - Irish Oak
Luxury - Tangerine Luxury - Tangerine
Premium - Foiled white Premium - Foiled white
Premium - Cream Premium - Cream
Premium - Anthracite Grey Premium - Anthracite Grey
Premium - Schwarzbraun Premium - Schwarzbraun
Premium - Golden Oak Premium - Golden Oak
Premium - Rosewood Premium - Rosewood
Abstract Glass Abstract Glass
Brilliante Glass Panel Brilliante Glass Panel
Clarity Glass Panel Clarity Glass Panel
Diamond Glass Panel Diamond Glass Panel
Elegance Glass Panel Elegance Glass Panel
Jewel Glass Panel Jewel Glass Panel
Potomac Glass Potomac Glass
Prairie Glass Prairie Glass
Quad Glass Quad Glass
Reflections Glass Reflections Glass
Royale Glass Royale Glass
Simplicity Glass Simplicity Glass
Trio Square Glass Trio Square Glass
Doctor Knocker Doctor Knocker
Door Knob Door Knob
EK53 EK53
ES21 ES21
ES23 ES23
ES24 ES24
ES3 800mm ES3 800mm
Letterplates Letterplates
Lever Hardex Lever Hardex
Lever Pad Lever Pad
Lion Knocker Lion Knocker
Peardrop Knocker Peardrop Knocker
Pony Tail Knocker Pony Tail Knocker
Rim Pull Rim Pull
Stainless Steel Knocker Stainless Steel Knocker
Swan Hardex Swan Hardex
Traditional Cottage Traditional Cottage
Traditional Letterplate Traditional Letterplate
Traditional Monkey Tail Traditional Monkey Tail
Traditional Pull Knob Traditional Pull Knob
Traditional Ring Traditional Ring
Traditonal Avon Slimline Traditonal Avon Slimline
Trojan Handles Trojan Handles
Trojan Letterplates Trojan Letterplates
Urn Knocker Urn Knocker
Viewer Viewer
Cylinder Pull Cylinder Pull
Escutcheons Escutcheons
Lever Handles Lever Handles
Knocker Knocker
Letterplates Letterplates
Numerals Numerals
AM3 Threshold AM3 Threshold
AM3-70 Threshold AM3-70 Threshold
AM5EX Threshold AM5EX Threshold
Butt Hinge Butt Hinge
Heritage Slam Shut Lock Heritage Slam Shut Lock
Hinges Hinges
Key Operated Multi Key Operated Multi
Key Operated Slam Shut Auto Lock Key Operated Slam Shut Auto Lock
Low UPVC Threshold Low UPVC Threshold
Stable Door Latch Stable Door Latch
Standard UPVC Threshold Standard UPVC Threshold

Key features and benefits can include:

  • Choose from a wide combination of Colour Options
  • Door has a solid timber core.
  • Very high standard
  • multipoint locking.
  • Durable triple-glazing units.
  • Optional Veka colour coded Matrix 70 Bevelled or FS70 Fully Sculptured frames.
  • Energy efficient reinforcing.
  • Colour fastness guarantee.
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