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Integral Blinds

A modern and contempory product from HiTech Blinds that can be used in both windows and doors, with no hassle or fuss. 

Our Integral Blinds are manufactured by HiTech Blinds, and offer a fantastic solution to control the amount of light into the home, with the magnetic integrated blinds offering a simple yet functional manually operated system. With so many variations of styles and bespoke colours, your customers can design windows and doors that will perfectly match, and suit the style of their home.

With no unsafe or unsightly cords visable, the blind has two discrete magnets that enables the handler to raise and lower the blinds to the degree of their choosing. However, what makes this product even more fantastic is that its enhanced accessibility options allow users with reduced or below average motor skills to operate it. 

To ensure HiTech Integral blinds meet quality standards, they are rigorously tested each week. Two sample blinds are selected and mechanically cycle tested 10,000 times, mirroring the raising, lowering and tilting actions functions that would normally be done over time.

Some key features include: 

  • Dust free, hygenic and maintenance free
  • Offers a modern, stylish look available in standard and bespoke colour options
  • With no external cords visible, the blinds are designed with safety in mind
  • Easy to operate magnetic system
  • Fully CE accreditied and come with a 10 year warranty

HiTech Blinds are sole manufacturers of blinds sealed between two panes of glass, forming a glass unit. They have been manufacturing integral blinds longer than anyone else in the UK, so with over 27 years experience with the product, they are the ideal choice to offer your customers integral blinds.

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Integral Blinds