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Integral Blinds

Offer your customers a modern and stylish finishing touch to their installations to help control privacy and light within their homes. 

Integral blinds are the perfect finishing touch to your bi-fold doors, casements and fixed panels installations. Sealed within the glazed units, the blinds stay clean and free of damage. The low maintenance of these blinds is a real appeal for many purchasers; No dusting, no tangled or hanging cords, no crimping or denting and because they’re protected between glass they retain their as new appearance over time.

The factory fitted blind is encapsulated within the two glass panes of a double glazed unit, offering thermal efficiency and peace of mind with a 10-year glass seal warranty.

Technical specification

  • Min/Max width: 200mm – 1400mm
  • Min/Max height: 300mm – 2500mm
  • Material: UV Stable, powder coated  aluminium
  • Slats: 12mm slats
  • Glass units, standard (optional): Produced to EN1279 standards 28mm Double glazed, tempered, low-E Planitherm One Argon gas filled (Planitherm Total +) 

Colour options

Blinds can be manufactured to match decor of the home, with co-ordinating or contrasting frames and slats.

Key features:

  • Low maintenance: No dusting and cleaning required
  • Ease of operation: Fingertip control with streamlined operator design (raise/lower/tilt functions)
  • More Energy efficient: With greater control of the temperature energy savings can be made
  • A safer option: Blinds are enclosed between two panels of glass, eliminating potential danger from hanging cords.
  • Control privacy and lighting: Can be adjusted as required for each room
  • Durable quality product: Advanced internal mechanisms ensure reliability and robust durability.  Tempered safety glass that is three to five times stronger than annealed glass
  • Assurance of purchase: Passes the toughest performance standard. 10 year glass seal warranty and 5 year product warranty
  • Typical use: suitable for residential and commercial installations

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Integral Blinds Integral Blinds Integral Blinds