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New Pink Door Range Launched

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We are excited to offer a brand new pink door range, designed exclusively by DOORCO in support of We Mind & Kelly Matters, a charity set up by our Group Chairman John Hewitt, in memory of his daughter Kelly.

DOORCO admirably wanted to offer something longevity to customers to support the charity, and what better way than creating a range of pink doors, a colour that has already proven popular for front doors in many homes, including Mrs Hinch! 

20% of all door blanks sold from this range will go to We Mind & Kelly Matters to help raise awareness of mental health and prevention of suicides. 

Doorco pink door rangeThis is an exclusive collection of four door styles, offered in three delicate shades of pink. The design is complimented with stunning rose gold Sweet hardware from Brisant, homeowners can also choose from three beautiful glass designs from Regalead to complete their entrance door.

John Hewitt commented on the range: 

"When DOORCO approached me about this new collection I was blown away. We originally set up We Mind & Kelly Matters to keep Kelly's memory alive, but as time has gone on, we are determined to make a difference in the prevention of suicide. All the money we raise through the charity goes to mental health awareness, trying to remove the stigma and prevent other young people from taking their own lives."

He adds "We're all extremely grateful to DOORCO for this initative which I'm sure will provide us with funds to help realise our plans to educate the next generation about mental health before it's too late."

Glazerite are pleased to be able to offer this range of doors from 1st September.

Recent News

Glazerite shines spotlight on apprentices
The Glazerite UK Group Ltd is using National Apprenticeship Week (8th-14th February 2021) to celebrate the achievements of its current crop of apprentices, who are working across several of the fabricator’s business functions. 25-year-old Elijah Onibudo joined Glazerite in January 2020 having been inspired to pursue an IT apprenticeship to gain new skills in a working environment. Elijah says of his role: “My job is really challenging and versatile and gives me the chance to learn new technologies and try new things. Being an apprentice at Glazerite has really helped me build and develop my skills.” He adds: “Undertaking an apprenticeship provides a varied learning experience and the chance to continually improve yourself by learning from the other people you work with. Whether you’ve just left school or you’re looking to change career, I would definitely recommend it as a way to get started in the fenestration industry.” Marketing apprentice Sophie Winder joined Glazerite 18 months ago after several years working in customer service. Sophie, now 24, is one of an increasing number of workers who have recognised the value apprenticeships can offer regardless of age. Wellingborough-based Sophie says: “I chose to do an apprenticeship as a way to get into marketing. I was nervous about taking the plunge as I wasn’t a school leaver, and I wasn’t sure what to expect but joining Glazerite has proved to be a fantastic opportunity. I love working as part of a team with years of experience both in fenestration and marketing and I’m learning so much. I particularly enjoy the creative side of my role, which includes designing artwork and putting together videos and other content. “I have always found it easier to learn by doing a job rather than studying so the hands-on approach that apprenticeships offer is perfect for me. This role has really opened up a whole new world, and I love being part of such a dynamic industry.” Glazerite currently employs six apprentices across its marketing, IT, admin and procurement departments. Group HR Manager, Sue Wellings, has praised the contribution each of its apprentices makes to the business, saying:   “National Apprenticeship Week has been a good opportunity for us to recognise the hard work our apprentices contribute to the day-to-day running and future success of our company. “Fenestration is a really exciting industry to be in and we’re delighted as a company to have been able to attract some real talent in our apprentices. We hope we can continue to help them reach their full potential.”
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Apprentices helping to build the future at Glazerite
For National Apprenticeship week we decided to shine a light on the apprentices we have at Glazerite, who continually help us to build for the future. We have apprenticeships across difference functions of the business in order to keep ensuring talent is brought in from an early age to allow young people a chance to start their career, or even change it for a different path.  We spoke to three of our apprentices based in our Wellingborough division who shared their experiences about being an apprentice... Mia Harrison - Apprentice Office Administrator Why did you choose an apprenticeship? I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career but I knew that this was a good way of earning money whilst gaining experience. It gave me the opportunity to try things and see if I liked them.  What do you enjoy most about your job? The environment, I'm lucky to work with some really kind and understanding people. I have a lot of questions that may seem simple and my colleagues will always help me out and are never patronising. Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to others? I would because you gain experience and come out with a qualification. It's a useful way to help find out what you want to in the future and help you reach that by offering qualifications and experience. Elijah Onibudo - IT Apprentice Why did you choose an apprenticeship? So I could have the ability to gain new skills within a working environment. What do you enjoy most about your job? Challenging every month, I need to learn new technologies and better myself in order to deliver expected requirements, and the versatility of being able to do a variety of tasks. Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to others? Yes I think that due to there being so many types there are options for almost anyone depending on what they are looking for. They offer a varied learning experience with the ability to improve yourself. Sophie Winder - Marketing Apprentice Why did you choose an apprenticeship? I get to learn on the job from a team who have years of experience in the industry while gaining my own experience in a working environment. I have always found it easier to learn by physically doing rather than studying or reading, so I knew an apprenticeship would be the right learning style for me. What do you enjoy most about your job? I love how creative my job allows me to be as there are always new designs to be made, tools to be used and ideas to come up with. Would you recommend doing an apprenticeship to others? Yes, doing an apprenticeship opens so many doors.
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Looking ahead in 2021
Jason Thompson, CEO of Glazerite UK Group Ltd explains how we will look ahead in 2021 following a truly tough year for all businesses. I think it’s safe to say that when 2020 chimed in none of us could have predicted what the year would actually bring. We’re hopeful then that 2021 will be somewhat steadier, and certainly a happier, healthier year for us all. Unfortunately the hangover remains in the shape of the disrupted supply chain, something we’re keen to minimise as much as possible for our installer partners and their own customers. Pent up demand following the first lockdown last year led to our sales rising by 30 per cent over the summer period in comparison with the same period the previous year and though these record levels will dip, we are hopeful demand will remain reasonably steady. The obvious variant – pandemic aside – is the impact Brexit could potentially have and it’s a situation we will be monitoring closely. Consumers breathing a sigh of relief at the arrival of a COVID-19 vaccine might also use the opportunity to book a long overdue holiday, which could lead to a dip in domestic sales as homeowners choose sunshine over new windows. Having said that, I believe that demand will be spread between fewer companies given the economic climate and (sadly) resulting industry casualties, and we’re seeing average price per product increasing as more end customers plump for higher value products such as foils and heritage styles. In fact, our foil range now equates to approximately half of what we produce, as consumers search for something a little different. During 2020, we marked our 20 years in business with major expansion at our North West division, and the introduction of Timberweld® technology at our Specials Division and at Glazerite East. Being able to offer R9, R7 and the Halo Flush Sash using the Timberweld option has brought us greater efficiencies, consistency and flexibility in manufacturing and transport. It’s also perfectly timed for our customers as the demand for flush sash products continues to show considerable growth. As we continue to get to grips with the impact of 2020’s events on the supply chain and potential shortages or delays across the whole product range, we want to reassure our customers we remain in constant contact with our suppliers and we are pursuing every possible avenue to manage the situation as best we can. Like everyone, we’re not immune to the situation, but we hope that we can help minimise the impact on our installer partners and continue to add value to our broader package of services.
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