We take great care to ensure what we do has minimal effect on our environment, through our processes and working with environmentally-aware suppliers.

As a business, we pride ourselves on being a fair and ethical fabricator in everything we do. We understand the importance of minimising the environmental impact that the production of uPVC windows, doors and conservatories has on the environment. A large part of this is for our choice in supply partners and how they manufacture with sustainability at the core of what they do.  VEKA were the first company to establish a specialist, closed-loop uPVC recycling plant.  Many Glazerite customers take advantage of the facility to recycle the windows they are removing ensuring their install is completed to the highest standards.  VEKA and Halo profiles are  manufactured with recycled content ensuring the environment is not a consideration for the homeowner, but isinherent in the windows and doors being supplied in their home.

Many of our installers work with VEKA Recycling to recycle their old frames. . The average lifespan of a uPVC window or door is around 30-40 years, give or take. Our closed loop process can recycle the same product up to ten times. With this, you’re left with up to 350 years’ worth of usage from a single window or door.

Download VEKA recycling brochure

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