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Marketing Support

Marketing for small businesses can be costly and time-consuming, especially to get the business in a level playing field with the big nationals that have big marketing budgets.  We'll never be able to rival these budgets, but we have tools and resources available that will be a match for these big budget spenders.

First impressions count, whether it's being found online to how you present yourself to the customer once you've secured an appointment. Getting these areas in place can be costly and time-consuming. We aim to take the strain by doing your marketing in the background, leaving you to concentrate on the priorities. 

It's about a good web presence and being found online...

A well designed mobile responsive website is the first step in a good online presence, but fundamental to that is the integrated SEO.  Without sufficient SEO optimisation of the website, you just won't rank on the main search engines.

Traditional marketing tools are still effective...

We can help you with direct mail to local advertisements.  Utilise our in-house design team to design your brochures, drop cards or directory ad.  We'll even help you to review the various mediums in your local area and which may be most effective.

Ready to get social... 

We can help with your current strategy or get you set up on the right channels.

Once you have a foot in the door...

The sales pitch, having a professional approach to delivering your messages to each individual customer in the right way is important.  We can help you with tools to make this easier amongst your sales team.


We can give you the tools, support and advice to present your business in the right way to your customers. This won't cost you a penny as it's part of working with the leading trade fabricator.

Want to get in touch with us to discuss the marketing support we offer? Email [email protected] today.

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Marketing Support